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The French #Winophiles Tour Touraine/Vouvray May 21st

In The French Winophiles On May 16, 2016 0 Comments

“A meal without wine is like a day without sun” – Anthelme Brillat-Savarin It’s bright and sunny here in the Coachella Valley and our consumption of wine may… Read More »

The French #Winophiles: Chenin from Saumur, Cabernet Franc from Anjou

In Beverages, The French Winophiles, Wine On April 15, 2016 8 Comments

It is dreaded April 15 as I write this and, although I would dearly love something stronger to ease the fiscal pain, I will not forsake my French… Read More »

The French #Winophiles – Puff Pastry with Bleu Cheese & Pear with Wines from Pays Nantais

In Appetizers, Beverages, Food, The French Winophiles, Wine On March 18, 2016 7 Comments

Mulligan: A second chance to perform an action, usually after the first chance went wrong through bad luck or blunder. I need a mulligan. Despite creating a beautiful… Read More »

The French #Winophiles Preview: Pays Nantais

In The French Winophiles On March 17, 2016 0 Comments

Bonjour! It’s time for a special avant-première of The French Winophiles tour of Pays Nantais region of the Loire Valley. This region is on the Atlantic Coast and… Read More »

#BloggerClue: Muddling through Easter

In Beverages, C.L.U.E. Society, Cocktails On March 9, 2016 9 Comments

The old adage “biting off more than you can chew” seems pointedly directed at me. This month I find myself late and begging for mercy and forgiveness from the lovely ladies… Read More »

The French #Winophiles – The Versatile Wines of Alsace

In Beverages, The French Winophiles, Wine On February 20, 2016 4 Comments

The hills are alive with the wines of Alsace. I can’t drink Alsatian wine without thinking about the Von Trapp family and having the songs from The Sound… Read More »

The French #Winophiles go to Alsace

In Beverages, The French Winophiles, Wine On February 18, 2016 6 Comments

Grab your corkscrew! The French Winophiles are touring Alsace (Al-zass), France on Saturday, February 18th. Alsace is known as the “crossroads of Europe.” It has everything from quaint,… Read More »

#WinePW – Lobster, Corn Fritters & Balletto Brut Rose

In Appetizers, Beverages, Entrees, Food, Sides, Wine, Wine Pairing Weekend On February 13, 2016 2 Comments

Chocolates and roses are certainly de rigueur for Valentine’s Day, but give me a marine crustacean, a plastic bib, and a glass or two of sparkling wine and… Read More »

#WinePW – Apple of My Eye Pork Chops

In Uncategorized On February 12, 2016 5 Comments

A man’s stomach may be the portal to his heart, but a woman’s can be accessed in many ways, not the least of which is returning to one’s… Read More »

#WinePW – 50 Oysters a Day & Other Tales of Seduction

In Appetizers, Beverages, Food, Wine, Wine Pairing Weekend On February 11, 2016 7 Comments

If an apple a day keeps the doctors away, “50 oysters a day will sway lovers your way.” Or so the legend of Casanova would have us believe…. Read More »