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The Epic Phyllo-Phobia

In Appetizers, Entrees On September 7, 2013 19 Comments

I am Phyllo-Phobic and not afraid to admit it.  This phobia has plagued me for years and probably derives from the difficulty in using this dough or the… Read More »

Live Like Julia – Eat Escargot!

In Appetizers On September 7, 2013 9 Comments

Necessity may be the mother of invention, but desperation must be the mother of cuisine.  How else to explain the eating of crustaceans, sea urchins, or—yuckamundo—snails?  Where I… Read More »

Dieter's Tartine

The French Paradox & Dieter’s Tartine

In Appetizers, Food On July 27, 2013 8 Comments

Periodic makeovers are necessary for any diva.  A freshening of the wardrobe, make-up and hair—maybe even a little attitude adjustment– is needed at least once a year, but… Read More »

Savoury Clafoutis & Goat Cheese Sables

Kitchen Therapy – A Glass of Rose’ & Savory Clafoutis

In Appetizers, Food On July 13, 2013 11 Comments

Gallup has recently confirmed what everyone knows:  70% of us don’t feel positively about our source of daily bread.  And by that they don’t mean our local bakers but our… Read More »

strawberry soup

Lazy Day Strawberry-Tomato Soup Shooters

In Appetizers, Food, Soups On June 26, 2013 1 Comment

For most Americans, the 4th of July means friends and family milling about the sweltering backyard while the BBQ chef stands weepy-eyed, beer in one hand and tongs… Read More »

Dr. Seuss and The Big Tuna Agree: Tuna Rillettes are a Winner

In Appetizers, Food On April 13, 2012 26 Comments

“I am the Culinary Diva. A Culinary Diva I am. I do not like Sardines, Culinary Diva that I am. I do not like them in a tin,… Read More »

Thank God I’m a Country Girl – St. Germaine des pres Onion Biscuits

In Appetizers, Food On March 9, 2012 23 Comments

I am a country girl who thanks God for biscuits and gravy.  This was a staple in Montana, served hot and greasy at the Dude Rancher in Billings… Read More »

Flamenco, and a Taste of Spain

In Appetizers, Beverages, Cocktails, Desserts, Dining, Entrees, Events, Food, Lifestyle, Salads, Soups On January 30, 2012 12 Comments

The plot was simple:   invite seven of my best friends over for an afternoon of Flamenco music and a Taste of Spain.  What followed was reminiscent of an… Read More »

Broth Braised Potatoes

In Appetizers, Food On January 27, 2012 21 Comments

Vincent Van Gogh – Still Life with Potatoes Potato fields have long been a favorite subject of artists and cooks.  Russian impressionist painters frequently used potato fields in… Read More »

Say Cheese! Home-Made Ricotta Two Ways…

In Appetizers, Food On January 25, 2012 3 Comments

Home-Made Ricotta and Fig Appetizer Let’s play a little word association.  When you hear or see the word “cheese,” what is your immediate thought?  Processed American cheese, bleu… Read More »