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Live Like Julia Project: Pumpkin Pie Ice Cream

In Desserts, Food, Lifestyle On October 14, 2013 3 Comments

Living Like Julia this past month has been a lot of hard work!  There has been a plethora of business matters to deal with, like ordering business cards,… Read More »

Curried Butternut Squash Muffins

In Appetizers, Desserts, Food On September 30, 2013 3 Comments

Way back when, as a novice homemaker I thought muffins came from a box.  Betty Crocker if I had coupons and Jiffy Mix if not(at 33 cents a… Read More »

Islands in the Cream

In Desserts, Uncategorized On August 31, 2013 14 Comments

  Islands in the cream That is what you are No food in between How can this be wrong (with apologies to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)  … Read More »

Strawberry Mousse Forever

In Desserts On August 29, 2013 1 Comment

Sous Chef made me drop the Bullwinkle and hair gel references.  He even made me drop the opening lines of the Beatles “Strawberry Fields Forever.”  He said that… Read More »

DWTS: Latin Night at Home & Avocado-Pistachio Loaf with Lime Glaze and Cilantro Ice Cream

In Desserts On August 10, 2013 2 Comments

“From Len . . . . . . a Ten!” That’s just how good this dazzling use of avocado turned out to be. By now the California Avocado… Read More »

strawberry soup

The Other Boleyn Cake

In Desserts, Food On July 2, 2013 3 Comments

I lost my head over this cake.  Fortunately, my loss was merely figurative, whereas the inspiration for the cake’s name literally lost hers. It is rumored that Henry… Read More »

puppies & cherry clafouti

My Cherry Amour

In Desserts, Food On June 21, 2013 4 Comments

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, so what better way to celebrate France’s vital contribution to our independence from England than by consuming copious quantities of Cherry… Read More »

Hook, Line and Sinker

In Desserts, Entrees, Food On May 4, 2012 23 Comments

I am not aware of any flounder, or its relation sole, making it up the All American Canal to the Coachella Valley.  Maybe that’s because being a flatfish… Read More »

The Presbyterian and Pina Colada Friand

In Beverages, Cocktails, Desserts, Food On April 20, 2012 16 Comments

It could take a fortnight to debate whether a “Coconut Friand,” this week’s French Fridays with Doriechallenge, is a “French Friand,” a “Financier” or an “Australian/New Zealand Friand.” … Read More »

Luscious Lemon Loaf Cake

In Desserts, Food On April 19, 2012 10 Comments

Lemon Loaf Cake can be described as light, lovely, luscious, lemony goodness.   Just five minutes to make the simple batter, and after 50-60 minutes of baking you have… Read More »