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Tangelo Dreams

In Desserts, Food On February 24, 2012 12 Comments

I didn’t want a tangelo tree.  I wanted an orange tree.  But somehow my gardener mistook “tangelo” for “orange” and so I have a young, burgeoning citrus tree… Read More »

Sometimes You Feel Like A Nut, Sometimes You Don’t

In Desserts, Food On February 10, 2012 29 Comments

Anything short of the Hot Chocolate L’African served at Angelina’s on the Rue de Rivoli in Paris gives me a chocolate-induced migraine.  So trying this week’s French Fridays… Read More »

Flamenco, and a Taste of Spain

In Appetizers, Beverages, Cocktails, Desserts, Dining, Entrees, Events, Food, Lifestyle, Salads, Soups On January 30, 2012 12 Comments

The plot was simple:   invite seven of my best friends over for an afternoon of Flamenco music and a Taste of Spain.  What followed was reminiscent of an… Read More »

Let them eat….Quatre-Quarts Cake with Olive Oil Ice Cream!

In Desserts, Food On January 21, 2012 26 Comments

Quatre-Quarts Cake with Olive Oil Ice Cream “Let them eat brioche!” is the disparaging comment that Marie Antoinette actually did not say.  The mistranslation (“cake” instead of “brioche”)… Read More »

The Ubiquitous Creme Brulee

In Desserts, Food On December 23, 2011 14 Comments

Festive Creme Brulee Crème Brûlée:  it is ubiquitous, peripatetic, versatile, multi-national, non-denominational, simple to make and, when done well as it usually is, very good.  It is like… Read More »

Toasted Panettone Pudding with Hershey Chocolate Chips

In Desserts, Food On October 3, 2011 4 Comments

Toasted Panettone Pudding with Hershey’s Chocolate Chips It is never too early to plan holiday menus and, with Thanksgiving less than two months away, it is an essential… Read More »

Sweet Madeleine’s

In Desserts, Food On September 23, 2011 19 Comments

Sweet Madeleine’s   This week’s French Friday’s with Dorie cooking challenge is “Honey-Spiced Madeleine’s” from Around My French Table by Dorie Greenspan.   Until this week, my exposure to… Read More »