Islands in the cream

That is what you are

No food in between

How can this be wrong

(with apologies to Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton)


Floating Islands, so very French Polynesian and so much a part of a good French bistro’s repertoire.  Locally, I can indulge my island fantasies at Cuistot or Le Vallauris or some of the French-styled bistros we frequent.  I find it makes a wonderful finale to a lively lunch of moules frites and a bottle or two of crisp French rosé wine.  Though light as air, it has some serious textures.  Take a bite and you descend through a crunchy honeycomb that melts in your mouth while your tongue is bathed in luscious vanilla bean cream.  Crème Anglaise is the star attraction, and what a ubiquitous attraction it is.  On any given day, it is seen coating a warm piece of bread pudding, oozing down the sides of freshly cut fruit, or rendezvousing with a bowl filled with delicious ice cream.  So follow Dorie’s recipe to your own island retreat.

For an extra reading bonus check out what the gang did at French Friday’s with Dorie and an article Dorie Greenspan wrote for Bon Appetit titled  “When French Women Bake“, which includes the recipe for Floating Islands.