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The Ubiquitous Creme Brulee

In Desserts, Food On December 23, 2011 14 Comments

Festive Creme Brulee Crème Brûlée:  it is ubiquitous, peripatetic, versatile, multi-national, non-denominational, simple to make and, when done well as it usually is, very good.  It is like… Read More »

Holiday Shopping for the Gourmand

In Books, Products, Resources On December 13, 2011 3 Comments

Sasha the Wonder Dog preparing to do some holiday shopping With less than two weeks to Christmas the shopping frenzy is officially underway.  Here are a few ideas… Read More »

Matafan – Spice Up your Holiday Breakfast!

In Entrees, Food On December 9, 2011 9 Comments

 Matafan Pancakes with Bacon, Chives, Creme Fraiche & Potato If you are looking for a way to spice up your holidays this year, Matafan may be the… Read More »

All White Salad & Swiss Chard Pancakes (thank goodness for sous chefs!)

In Entrees, Food, Salads On November 25, 2011 20 Comments

Helene’s All White Salad & Swiss Chard Pancakes It’s beautiful and sunny, perfect weather for Helene’s All-White Salad paired with Swiss Chard Pancakes for French Fridays with Dorie… Read More »

In Entrees, Food On November 4, 2011 21 Comments

Lavender Honey & Orange Glazed Duck Breasts At present, my intrepid sous chef is only concerned about one kind of duck challenge:  the Oregon Ducks’ upcoming showdown with… Read More »

Deconstructed BLT and Faux Eggs

In Entrees, Food, Wine On September 30, 2011 14 Comments

I like eggs scrambled or in an omelet, quiche or frittata.  But I hate soft boiled, hard boiled, sunnyside up, sunnyside down, or any way in which the… Read More »

Faux French Risotto

In Appetizers, Food On September 9, 2011 20 Comments

Creamy, Cheesy, and Garlicky Rice with Spinach This week the French Fridays with Dorie challenge was Creamy, Cheesy, and Garlicky Rice with Spinach.  I was on a high… Read More »