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French Fridays: Gateau Basque

In French Fridays With Dorie On August 1, 2014 20 Comments

I once was lost, but now am found. I have been a loyal Dorista for years, one of Dorie Greenspan’s merry band of home chefs working their way through… Read More »

Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche

In Entrees, Food, French Fridays With Dorie On April 11, 2014 19 Comments

“Real mean don’t eat quiche,” or so the saying goes.  But this week’s French Friday’s with Dorie entry shows Dorie Greenspan is not afraid to challenge that philosophy…. Read More »

I’ve Got My Roast on a String…

In Entrees, Food On February 14, 2014 14 Comments

I’ve got a Prime filet roast on a string It’s floating in a stock pot Got the string around my ladle What a world, what a life—I’m in… Read More »

If the Choux Fits…

In Appetizers, Desserts On February 2, 2014 13 Comments

If the Choux fits, use it!   This is incredibly versatile pastry dough that can be used in a myriad of ways as a vessel for a variety of… Read More »

French Food in a Jiffy

In Appetizers, Food, Soups On January 18, 2014 17 Comments

French food in a jiffy! Who says that food has to be complicated to be gourmet?  Not Dorie Greenspan.  The past two weeks our French Fridays with Dorie… Read More »

Posting Triad – Catching Up on FFWD

In Desserts, Entrees, Food On November 1, 2013 14 Comments

It’s fourth and long, only seconds remain, and I am three posts down.  What do I do, you ask?  Well, I run the Triad play.  The old three-for-one… Read More »

Drunken Pot Roast

In Entrees, Food On October 19, 2013 3 Comments

Pot Roast:  Cut of beef browned and then cooked until tender, often with vegetables, in a covered pot. Marinade:   A liquid mixture, usually of vinegar or wine and… Read More »

The Salad “Punt”

In Lifestyle, Salads On October 6, 2013 2 Comments

A good chef must be adaptable.  A good chef must be imaginative.  A good chef must know how to cut corners when necessary.  I am all three; ergo,… Read More »

The Great Veal Debate

In Entrees, Food On September 14, 2013 19 Comments

The great veal debate rages on.  There are those who simply cannot and will not eat veal and there are those who think veal is one of the… Read More »

The Epic Phyllo-Phobia

In Appetizers, Entrees On September 7, 2013 19 Comments

I am Phyllo-Phobic and not afraid to admit it.  This phobia has plagued me for years and probably derives from the difficulty in using this dough or the… Read More »