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One Dish Wonders: Chicken Basquaise with Hatch Chiles

In Entrees On August 24, 2013 9 Comments

  Sous Chef loves one-dish meals.  Maybe it’s because he does most of the kitchen clean-up or because he relishes the challenge of rooting through the refrigerator and… Read More »

Weeknight Elegance – Duck Breasts with Fresh Fig Sauce

In Entrees, Food On August 10, 2013 26 Comments

“Platform” is a buzzword widely used in computing, commerce, politics, and sports.  In cooking, it is used to describe a base from which one’s creative use of different… Read More »

Dieter's Tartine

The French Paradox & Dieter’s Tartine

In Appetizers, Food On July 27, 2013 8 Comments

Periodic makeovers are necessary for any diva.  A freshening of the wardrobe, make-up and hair—maybe even a little attitude adjustment– is needed at least once a year, but… Read More »

Tuna Salad Wolf Fish & Chilled Radish Soup

The Bumbler & The Beast – Norwegian Wolffish

In Entrees, Food On July 24, 2013 2 Comments

From my perspective, it was a matter of beauty and the beast, although the beast part was not readily apparent from its packaging and beauty is always subjective… Read More »

Savoury Clafoutis & Goat Cheese Sables

Kitchen Therapy – A Glass of Rose’ & Savory Clafoutis

In Appetizers, Food On July 13, 2013 11 Comments

Gallup has recently confirmed what everyone knows:  70% of us don’t feel positively about our source of daily bread.  And by that they don’t mean our local bakers but our… Read More »

Hook, Line and Sinker

In Desserts, Entrees, Food On May 4, 2012 23 Comments

I am not aware of any flounder, or its relation sole, making it up the All American Canal to the Coachella Valley.  Maybe that’s because being a flatfish… Read More »

The Presbyterian and Pina Colada Friand

In Beverages, Cocktails, Desserts, Food On April 20, 2012 16 Comments

It could take a fortnight to debate whether a “Coconut Friand,” this week’s French Fridays with Doriechallenge, is a “French Friand,” a “Financier” or an “Australian/New Zealand Friand.” … Read More »

Dr. Seuss and The Big Tuna Agree: Tuna Rillettes are a Winner

In Appetizers, Food On April 13, 2012 26 Comments

“I am the Culinary Diva. A Culinary Diva I am. I do not like Sardines, Culinary Diva that I am. I do not like them in a tin,… Read More »

The Bishop’s Choice – Asparagus with a Wee Bit of Bacon

In Entrees, Food On April 6, 2012 9 Comments

What does an asparagus spear resemble?  Exactly:  a bishop on a chessboard.  And like the chess piece, when used correctly it is potent but not overwhelming.  (Pardon the… Read More »

Thank God I’m a Country Girl – St. Germaine des pres Onion Biscuits

In Appetizers, Food On March 9, 2012 23 Comments

I am a country girl who thanks God for biscuits and gravy.  This was a staple in Montana, served hot and greasy at the Dude Rancher in Billings… Read More »