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#BlueberryPancakeDay – Celebrate with Driscoll’s Berries!

On January 27, 2015 2 Comments

There really is a day for everything.  Squeezed between chocolate cake day and corn chip day is National Blueberry Pancake Day, just one of 365 calendar days in… Read More »

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It’s Berry, Berry Good -Strawberry Pina Colada Smoothie

On January 25, 2015 0 Comments

How are those New Year’s Resolutions going?  My resolution to save money and make our daily smoothies at home is going well.  I’ve even come up with a… Read More »

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Downton Sundays: Back to the Future with Sous Vide Spice Rubbed Brisket & Lobster

On January 24, 2015 1 Comment

If Mrs. Patmore freaked over an electric mixer, how incredulous would she be to cook protein in tepid water? Mrs. Patmore is not the only one averse to… Read More »

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French Fridays: Deja Vu Spice Crusted Tuna

On January 22, 2015 15 Comments

Today is Flashback Friday!  Remember the late 1990’s and early 2000’s when Pan-Asian fusion was the rage, cell phones were just phones, and brick and mortar bookstores were… Read More »

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Downton Sundays: White Chocolate & Cranberry French Toast with Lady Mary’s Scrambled Eggs

On January 18, 2015 3 Comments

Mary, Mary, quite contrary How do your chickens grow? Organic in feed and healthy by need, They are next to the pigs, you know. Wow, it has been… Read More »

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French Fridays: Viva la Vida Dorie

On January 15, 2015 10 Comments

I have a culinary bucket list that includes such diverse items as matriculating at the UC Davis wine program, dinner at the French Laundry, and attendance at Patricia… Read More »

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#BloggerClue Society: It’s All About the Sparkle

On January 14, 2015 21 Comments

Sparkling brings to mind champagne and diamonds.  Sparkling can also describe one’s personality, this month’s Blogger C.L.U.E. Society theme and the blog I was assigned Liv Life.  Liv Life… Read More »

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Downton Sundays: Downton Abbey Sidecar

On January 11, 2015 1 Comment

Thank goodness, Downton Abbey is back on Sunday nights! I like a cocktail during Downton Abbey to settle my nerves when watching the myriad plot twists and turns. … Read More »

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Wine Pairing Weekend: Rhone Rangers & Bocuse

On January 9, 2015 18 Comments

I have recently launched a year-long epicurean tour of interesting cuisine from around the world.  With a nudge from the Wine Pairing Weekend group, I have decided to… Read More »

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Wine Pairing Weekend Sneak Peak

On January 8, 2015 1 Comment

It’s that time again!  Saturday, January 10th is the first Wine Pairing Weekend for 2015.  This month we are embracing our inner Cork Dork, and are focusing on… Read More »