The dog days of August are here. There’s nothing like a refreshing glass of rosè to get you through extreme heat, humidity and endless sunshine. With over 120 days of summer  and sunshine virtually 365 days a year,  you can’t go wrong with a glass of Rosé when you live in the desert.

Favaro Le Chuisure Vino Rosato

Do try the Favaro Le Chuisure Vino Rosato if you can locate it!

This month the Italian Food Wine and Travel Group is featuring Rosé wines from Italy and I couldn’t wait to jump on the Italian Rosé aka Rosato, bandwagon. I’m a self-starter when it comes to wine exploration and need little encouragement to make a trip into Los Angeles or Pasadena for the proper supplies and a brief respite from the heat. A recent excursion into Pasadena resulted in the discovery of Everson Royce Wine Shop. They have a carefully curated selection of wines from all different price ranges and geographic areas, and knowledgeable staff to back up what they are selling on the shelves. With a little assistance, I selected a bottle of Favaro Le Chiusure Rosé Wine from Piverone, Italy (Piemonte Region) which they sell for $19. I’d love to tell you  more about the wine, but my Italian is on the pre-school level and everything I find on the wine/wine-maker is in Italian. We enjoyed this wine with homemade raviolis stuffed with sweet sausage, Fontina, goat cheese and ricotta. The wine had a enough body to hold up to the sausage, but was not overwhelmed by the flavors. I could keep this wine on tap. It was a perfect summer wine.

Handmade Raviolis stuffed with three cheeses and sweet sausage make a light summer meal

I also had a bottle of Ferrari Trento Brut Rosé that I had ordered after reading a few posts from Michelle at Rockin Red Blog and Nany from Pull That Cork. This sparkling Rosé has become one of my favorites. This wine is made in the “metodo classic”. It is crisp, clean, elegant. There are hints of wild berries and currants on the nose. At $29.95 from it is a high quality, affordable sparkling wine. The Ferrari Trento website recommended pairing this with a light seafood dish and Margherita Pizza. I made a tuna crudo and Margherita Pizza. I felt the wine paired better with the tuna crudo, and was acceptable with the Margherita Pizza but not an ideal pairing.

Ferrari Trento Brut Rose

Ferrrari Trento Brut Rose – perfect for any occasion

Make sure to join the Rosé festivities this month and explore more great pairings from the Italian Food Wine and Travel Group:

Margherita Pizza

Margherita Pizza with Roberta’s Pizza Dough